Dental Fee Negotiations

Services to help practices manage and improve practice revenue.
Better Visibility. Better Reimbursement. Better Performance.


Fee Schedule Analysis and Improvement
Review practice fee schedule to assess current Usual & Customary Rates
Compare current fees to market benchmarks
Identify and implement changes to achieve target fee percentile
Detail utilization and revenue for top procedure codes
PPO and Non-PPO Solution Assessment and Fee Schedule Negotiations
Payer Mix Audit
Lead the renegotiation of your PPO contracts to secure higher rates and better terms
  • Design and execute a PPO negotiation strategy
  • Design and execute a network participation strategy
Work with the practice team to implement and manage PPO agreements
  • Model and manage impact of projected increases
  • Assess the impact to reimbursement levels based on patient volume
  • Audit fee schedule adjustments and plan for future negotiations
  • Guide your practice on adding or dropping PPO participation
Develop strategies for your practice’s non-PPO patients
  • Discover the patient benefits and practice growth potential of a Membership Plan
Fee Schedule Auditing
Audit PPO fee schedules to confirm fee schedules comply with PPO contractual obligations
Save Time and Improve Practice Performance
BEST accesses your data remotely
BEST summarizes your PPO’s, identifying the best payers and where you can improve reimbursement
BEST provides you with a guide to managing your PPO agreements and the payer road map going forward

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