How To Make More Money – Ask These 5 Questions

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How To Make More Money – Ask These 5 Questions

By Chris Stark, VP Network Services, BEST for Dentistry |

Making decisions that directly impact your business profitability can seem like a daunting task. With regular increased overhead costs and the worry of inflation, now is the time to plan for the coming year.

To help you get started, ask these 5 questions to find PPO and revenue enhancement solutions:

Question # 1:  What are my major revenue problems? 
  • You agreed to discounted/poor PPO reimbursement levels when you signed up with PPOs​
  • Your PPO fee schedules rarely increase and more often stay the same or decrease ​
  • Your patient volume is increasing, however, lack the proper strategy to know which PPOs to keep and which ones to drop​?
  • You are experiencing inflationary pressures & PPO reimbursements aren’t keeping up​
  • You need solutions to increase revenue for your non-insured patients
Question # 2:  What are my biggest challenges to solving my major revenue problems?       
  • Lack of time
  • Don’t have an advocate to help aid in the process
  • Not familiar enough with how to simplify the contracting process
  • Need to create better strategies to plan for the future of the practice
Question # 3:  What Solutions can a BEST PPO Solutions Expert solve for my major revenue problems and challenges?    
  • Develop and execute strategies to increase your revenue for insured and non-insured patients
  • Lead PPO Negotiations to obtain higher rates with dental insurance companies
  • Provide strategy & market data on setting your billed charges
  • Implement other solutions to increase profitability
Question # 4:  What will a BEST PPO Solutions Expert do for me?
  • Save you time
  • Provide one on one expert service
  • Create customized strategies
    • Present a Fee Schedule Analysis to assist you in maximizing self-pay revenue
    • Implement a customized solutions strategies to maximize your practices revenue
    • Use Expert Negotiators with 20+ years of experience to achieve PPO revenue increases
  • Demonstrate progress on a regular basis
Question # 5:  How can I speak with a BEST PPO Solutions Expert?


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