How ePrescribing Software Can Improve Patient Care

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How ePrescribing Software Can Improve Patient Care

While many Americans know how essential dental care is to their overall health, nearly 40 million avoid the dentist. One way dentists and dental practices can help their patients overcome their fears and concerns is by providing high quality patient care. Quality patient care is about two things: ensuring patients receive the service they want and the treatment they need. That means having all of the tools and resources you need at your disposal, including ePrescribing software.

What is ePrescribing Software?

Gone are the days of messy handwriting, lost or damaged prescriptions, pharmacy callbacks to clarify prescription issues, or other handwritten prescription errors. ePrescribing software allows dentists and doctors to write a prescription on any computer or  device and securely send that prescription directly to the patient’s pharmacy. Patients can then skip multiple steps and have their prescriptions quickly and accurately filled, improving the patient care experience.

What are the Benefits of ePrescribing Software?

One of the primary benefits of ePrescribing software is the ability to improve the accuracy of prescriptions. When nearly a quarter of all prescription errors can be attributed to illegible handwriting, electronic prescriptions are already changing the prescription world.

While different software solutions will provide different features, the right ePrescription software will not only send the prescription to your patient’s pharmacy, but it will also:

  • Check your state’s PMP database to ensure you’re safely prescribing controlled medications
  • Autofill patient information
  • Offer “favorites” for both prescription combos and pharmacies
  • Provide alerts and warnings for interactions and contraindications
  • Fully integrate with existing dental practice management software

In short, ePrescribing software can and should be doing more than simply digitally transmitting prescriptions, though that clearly has immense value on its own.

How ePrescribing Software Can Improve Patient Care

Given the robust features of a fully-developed ePrescription software solution, the benefits are significant, especially when it comes to improving patient care and the overall patient experience.

In fact, recent research in Europe revealed that nearly 72% of patients preferred ePrescriptions based on the convenience alone. That same convenience is afforded to all patients. However, when it comes to patient care, convenience isn’t the only benefit. ePrescribing software can also:

While those are immediate patient care benefits, your patients will also have a better patient experience because your team will have more time to focus on patient care. Additionally, your practice will:

Patient care and practice growth are top priorities for most dentists and dental practice managers. Finding the right technology tools that can achieve both is essential, but focusing on IT and technology needs often sits on a back burner.

That’s why the right technology tools and healthcare software platforms offer a seamless integration with your existing practice management system, including Dentrix and Eaglesoft. ePrescribing integration allows patient information to auto populate your ePrescription, saving time and reducing errors. Advanced ePrescribing tools are an  essential and easy way to let technology streamline your clinical workflow.

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