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How ePrescribing Software Can Improve Patient Care

While many Americans know how essential dental care is to their overall health, nearly 40 million avoid the dentist. One way dentists and dental practices can help their patients overcome their fears and concerns is by providing high quality patient care. Quality patient care is about two things: ensuring patients receive the service they want and the treatment they need. That means having all of the tools and resources you need at your disposal, including ePrescribing software. What is ePrescribing Software? Gone are the days of messy handwriting, lost or damaged prescriptions, pharmacy callbacks to clarify prescription issues, or other handwritten prescription errors. ...

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Subscription-based Marketing

What is subscription-based marketing? Simply put, subscription-based marketing is marketing that is purchased as a subscription. Similar to Netflix or a magazine subscription, you pay monthly for the services you want and cancel when the services you are paying for are no longer needed. This is a unique way to look at dental marketing. This model has the upper hand and here’s why: Subscription Marketing is the future of dental marketing. The best way to understand why is to contrast the future with the past. Letʼs start with the past: You sign an annual (or longer!) pre-planned marketing contract. This sets ...


Tune Up Your Mindset

Many things can hold you back. Most doctors are looking for the one thing that can turn their practices around. Like Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, most of these same doctors, can't handle the truth. The person who asks but doesn't really want the true answer will never get better. They want to put the blame on a lack of growth or new patients on not having good enough marketing. The time has passed when you just open your doctor and practice and do well. Most of us need to reengage and spend more time ...


Missing the Point of 25%

Got a call the other day from a doctor who was perturbed by the fact that their office has had 5 employees quit in the last couple of months. There was one that was moving, but all five of the employees who quit went to other offices that paid them more. According to the doctor, they all left for more money. This doctor was a client back three or four years ago and was very precise in explaining the situation. It began by the doctor explaining that they had their compensation overhead at 25% and thought that all of the ...

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