Introducing Burkhart Dental Supply

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Introducing Burkhart Dental Supply

Who They Are?

Founded by Dr. William Burkhart in 1888 as an adjunct to his dental practice, Burkhart Dental now provides over $150 million a year in equipment, repair, supplies, consulting, continuing education and other services to over 5,000 dentists. With more than 400 employees, we are not a small company, yet we continue to provide the attention and service of a private, family-owned business. We are distinguished by our values, ethics and people. We are driven by a passionate belief in win-win relationships. “I ask everyone at Burkhart to focus on three things: Act with the integrity that earns clients’ trust; be a knowledgeable resource; and always work in our clients’ best interest to help them succeed. I believe that our fulfillment of these principles differentiates us. I invite you to get to know us and experience the Burkhart difference.” -Lori Burkhart Isbell, President.

Why You Should Consider Them?

Burkhart will provide all BEST for Dentistry members (excluding Orthodontists and Oral Surgeons) with the option to participate in Burkhart’s Supply Savings Guarantee (“SSG”).

This program is only available to BEST members in Burkhart’s existing markets. All SSG participants receive Tier 1 pricing and upon signing on for an SSG, a $300.00 credit to be applied to future orders.

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