PROGRAM PRESS RELEASE: BEST For Dentistry Launches Employee Benefits Program

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PROGRAM PRESS RELEASE: BEST For Dentistry Launches Employee Benefits Program

BEST For Dentistry Launches Employee Benefits Program

Vancouver, WA – BEST for Dentistry announces the launch of an Employee Benefits Program, featuring solutions for offering Group Health Insurance, 401k, and Human Resources.

BEST for Dentistry is proud to offer all-encompassing solutions to their Premium Members. Dental business owners have access to partnerships that can build and add value to current and prospective employees. BEST for Dentistry recognizes that employees are a highly valuable asset. Offering benefits will indicate invested ownership and attract desirable talent and increase employee retention. A solid benefits package is often a differentiating factor for employment acceptance.

The BEST for Dentistry Employee Benefits Package includes Group Health Insurance, 401k Multi-Employer Plan, and Human Resource solutions, which may be used in conjunction with one another, or as stand alone solutions. These solutions are appealing to employees and affordable for business owners.

BEST for Dentistry Health Plans offers a Fortune 500-type benefits and enrollment experience. Equipped with an easy online enrollment process, this plan offers real-time quoting with access to competitive product bundles. This plan is Affordable Care Act-compliant, offers reduced administrative costs and has convenient ongoing benefits management and administration. Member companies and employees have access to medical, dental, vision, and life insurance built for small business. Plan eligibility is determined by state.

The retirement plan offered through this BEST program is a 401k Multi-Employer Plan (MEP). A Multi-Employer Plan is a single qualified retirement plan that covers multiple businesses. The MEP provides cost efficiencies, reduces liability, and ease of meeting due diligence obligations for the employer. BEST for Dentistry provides a full-featured retirement plan with complete support. Rather than paying more for additional support, this Multi-Employer Plan allows for that support with less out of pocket due to the plan covering several dental practices. The BEST for Dentistry MEP offers approximately 40-50% savings on set-up and annual plan costs with tailored financial plans that meet specific needs. In addition, fiduciary responsibility is provided through third party experts.

Human Resources plays a key role in the success of any business. BEST for Dentistry has compiled HR solutions to help protect and benefit both employer and employee. Partnering with industry experts, this program delivers turn-key solutions that minimize risk and offer peace of mind through partnerships for custom employee handbooks, payroll, timekeeping, and compliance training.

Kyle Womeldorff, Vice President of Sales, BEST for Dentistry:

“The benefits program that BEST for Dentistry has brought to the market is a unique solution that should be evaluated by an independent practice looking to increase their employee retention and satisfaction. It is exciting to see the portfolio of competitive products being offered through reputable partners when an organization focuses on building everyone’s success together. I personally utilize both the group health and 401k options through BEST for Dentistry, and the customization of the program to fit my personal lifestyle has positively impacted my overall health and financial well-being. Your employees, their families, and your business will thank you for supporting their best interest.”

BEST for Dentistry advocates on behalf of independent dentists to provide competitive solutions while reducing costs in order to level the playing field with corporate dentistry. With unmatched customer freedom, BEST offers each member an approach that’s as unique as their practice.

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